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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Atomic Bomb Damaged Torii Sanno Shrine


The atomic bomb-damaged torii gate at Sanno Shrine (一本柱鳥居) in Nagasaki in Kyushu still stands as a memorial to that fateful August 9th day in 1945.  Sanno Shrine is located just 800m from the hypocenter of the explosion and was severely damaged by the blast.

Atomic Bomb Damaged Torii Sanno Shrine, Nagasaki

Only half of the torii gate still stands while the remainder of it is laid out on the pavement below. One of the pillars came down and the crossbeam was blown about 30 degrees in the opposite direction by the force of the explosion. The stone of the torii gate is also scorched black in places.

Atomic Bomb Damaged Torii Sanno Shrine, Nagasaki

The original stone torii dates from 1924. The memorial standing today has been reinforced for safety reasons.

Two camphor trees in the shrine were also badly burned and stripped of their leaves but have managed to regrow since 1945.

Atomic Bomb Damaged Torii Sanno Shrine, Nagasaki, Kyushu

The one-legged arch is close to the Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum, Urakami Road Monument and the Glover Family Grave in Sakamoto International Cemetery.

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