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Saturday, March 01, 2014

Yamaga Onsen Ebino

Kyomachi Onsen is hot-spring resort town in the Ebino valley, north of the Kirishima Mountains, in the far west of Miyazaki Prefecture near where it meets the borders of Kumamoto and Kagoshima Prefectures.

Yamaga Onsen Ebino Miyazaki

There are many ryokan and minshuku in the area, and in my perpetual quest to find the cheapest accommodation possible I found Yamaga Onsen.

Located in a quiet side street behind the station, its a hot spring frequented mostly by locals. The couple running the place operated out of their living room through the open screen doors and while I was checking in there was a constant stream of locals coming in for a soak.

Next to the house are a couple of buildings, one of which has several rooms to rent. Fairly standard minshuku room with TV, kettle, kotatsu, and kerosene heater.

Yamaga Onsen Ebino Miyazaki Kyushu Japan

While chatting I mentioned that I was interested in Tanokami, statues of the God of Rice Paddies, something the area is famous for, so the owner immediately invited me to jump in his car and he took me a few miles away to where there was a good collection.

As a staying guest I didn't get to use the public bath, rather one of the two smaller, private bath rooms. The bath was very hot. For the room for the night with no meals I paid the princely sum of 2,200 yen.

Yamaga Onsen Ebino
583-1 Mukae
Miyazaki 889-4151
Tel: 0984-37-0237

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