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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Nagasaki Dejima Wharf


Nagasaki Dejima Wharf is a fairly recent development on the harbor in Nagasaki close to Dejima, the artificial island where once Dutch traders were based during the Edo period of Japanese history.

Nagasaki Dejima Wharf, Kyushu, Japan

The two-story Nagasaki Dejima Wharf has great views of the harbor and Mt. Inasa and has a number of recommended seafood restaurants, bars, cafes and shops. The wooden boardwalk is particularly popular from spring onward when people can sit al fresco on the illuminated, wooden boardwalk.

The Nagasaki Prefectural Art Museum is close by. The tram stop at Dejima is a few minutes walk away.

Nagasaki Dejima Wharf, Nagasaki Prefecture, Kyushu

Nagasaki Dejima Wharf (in Japanese)
1-1 Dejimamachi
Tel: 095 828 3939

Nagasaki Dejima Wharf, Nagasaki Prefecture, Kyushu, Japan

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