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Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Church of Resurrection Kyoto


The Church of Resurrection at the junction of Horikawa and Kitaoji in Kyoto is a familiar landmark in the area. The church is an Anglican Episcopal Church (Nippon Seikokai) in the Diocese of Kyoto as is St. Agnes Church on the west side of the Imperial Palace.

The Church of Resurrection Kyoto

The church was constructed in the Gothic style in 1936 and has some pretty stained glass windows. The church was designed by the American missionary and architect, William Merrell Vories (1880-1964). Based mainly in Omi Hachiman in Shiga, where he engaged in missionary work and started a pharmaceutical company, Vories' former house there is now the Vories Commemorative Museum.

The church has a beautiful, wooden kindergarten attached to it.

The Church of Resurrection Kyoto

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