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Monday, February 24, 2014

Kagoshima Trams


Kagoshima like other big cities in Kyushu such as Nagasaki and Kumamoto has a streetcar (tram) network. Just as with Nagasaki's tram network there are four streetcar lines in Kagoshima.

Kagoshima Trams, Kyushu, Japan

The four lines are the Dai-Ikki-Line (第一期線) from Takenohashi to Kagoshima-Ekimae, the Dai-Niki-Line (第二期線) from Takamibaba to Kagoshima-Chuo-Ekimae, the Taniyama Line (谷山線) from Takenohashi to Taniyama and the Toso Line (唐湊線) from Kagoshima-Chuo-Ekimae to Korimoto.

These lines run on two routes. Route 1 (blue) runs from Kagoshima-Ekimae to Takamibaba to Takenohashi to Korimoto to Taniyama and Route 2 (red) from Kagoshime-Ekimae to Takamibaba to Kagoshima-Chuo-Ekimae to Korimoto.

Kagoshima Trams, Kyushu, Japan

Trams run from 6am until around 11pm at night. Check the individual stops for precise times. Enter through the rear door and exit from the front door next to the driver.

The basic fare is presently 160 yen. The Rapica IC card can be used on Kagoshima's trams and buses. A one-day pass for trams and buses in Kagoshima is 600 yen and offers reductions on entrance to a number of museums and other attractions in the city including the ferry ride to Sakurajima, Sengan-en Garden, Kagoshima City Art Museum and Kagoshima City Aquarium.

Kagoshima Trams, Japan

Kagoshima Trams
Tel: 099 257 2116

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