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Friday, January 17, 2014

Japan Blogs

ジャパン ブログ

Japan reportedly has the highest number of bloggers per head of population in the world. A 2007 Technorati survey found that Japanese (37%) edged English (36%) and Chinese (8%) as the blogosphere's most blogged language.

Why do Japanese bloggers blog more frequently than others? High literacy rates, the easy availability of high-speed internet access, digital cameras amd mobile phones all play a part - but in a virtual one-party state with a limp, mainstream press - blogs offer a medium to challenge authority and existing power structures and let off some steam.

That's not to say the majority of Japanese blogs are concerned with political and social activism, far from it, most Japanese blogs, like those in the rest of the world, are domestic by topic: family, food, hobbies, travel and pets - a huge section of the Japanese blogosphere seems dedicated to the household dog or cat....yawn!

Anyway here are a few of our favorites both Japanese and Japan-based blogs divided by category.


Pet portal with thousands of cat and dog blogs.


boxman - mostly black and white photos of locations in Tokyo and overseas.

In our next feature on Japan blogs we'll look exclusively at English-language blogs on Japan.

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