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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Japan News This Week 29 December 2013


Japan News.
Risky Nationalism in Japan New York Times

Okinawa governor approves plan to relocate US Marines Futenama air base
Global Post

Japan moves close to beating 15 years of falling prices

Chinese media attacks Japan's Shinzo Abe for visit to Yasukuni shrine

Anti-Japan demonstration held in Hong Kong over Abe’s shrine visit
Japan Times

Japan’s Designated Secrets Protection Law Would Foreclose Criticisms of the Government Japan Focus

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2013 Children's Well Being Ranking of 31 developed nations, by country:

1. Holland
2. Finland
3. Iceland
4. Norway
5. Sweden
6. Japan
7. Germany
8. Switzerland
9. Luxembourg
10. Belgium, Slovenia

17. United Kingdom

29. USA

Source: UNICEF

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