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Monday, November 04, 2013

A Walk Around Kyushu Day 19 Nobeoka to Hyuga City

A Walk Around Kyushu Day 19, Sunday March 24th Nobeoka to Hyuga City

It's the fifth day of this leg of my walk, and by now my body and mind have both readjusted to what is needed of them. A 15 kilo pack on my back now feels normal and I feel strangely light when I take it off, and most, but not all, impatience has faded from my attitude.

For the next few days my route heads south along the east coast of Miyazaki, mostly following the main road, but hopefully I can take detours to take a break from the traffic.

Today is only about 22km with one temple stop along the way, and there is a bit of high cloud but no rain in the forecast. I pass a very pleasant morning stopping in at shrines along the route. None of them were big or famous shrines, just small, local shrines, and I don't know anyone else who likes to visit them, but for me I can usually find something of interest in any shrine.

These shrines in Miyazaki have interesting and different styles of komainu, and at many shrines there can usually be found eclectic collections of small statues left by parishioners.

A Walk Around Kyushu Day 19 Nobeoka to Hyuga City

Late in the morning I reach the outskirts of Kadogawa and temple number 33, Eiganji. It's up the inevitable flight of steps on a small rise overlooking the port town. Surprisingly there are people about, most of the temples I've visited on this pilgrimage have been quiet and empty.

The priest's wife invites me in for tea and I'm not sure why but I politely decline. South of the town I look back across the bay to the peninsular with Mount Eboshi bristling with antennae. There are dozens of Mount Eboshi's all over Japan, eboshi being a type of hat worn by Shinto priests so I guess the shape of the mountains resemble said eboshi. The rivers I cross over are still and mirror-like.

A Walk Around Kyushu Day 19 Nobeoka to Hyuga City

Another hour and I reach the northern edge of Hyuga City. The main road heads over a low rise but a side road to the left, lined with very tall palm trees, heads around a small peninsular.

I follow the palm trees, figuring the small coast road is more likely to offer up something interesting. But no. Hyuga city is spread out but there doesn't seem much to it. The name comes from the old name of the province, and I don't know what its original name was before the 1950's when it was renamed.

There is a nice new train station but not much of a commercial district. I did some research before I headed off on this leg but couldn't find anything of interest in the town. It does have some hotels, and as there appear to be few accommodation options for the next 30km or so I decide to make an early end to the day and get some laundry done. Out of my hotel room I have a nice view of the sunset over the wide river. A pleasant enough day but with nothing particularly exciting.

Jake Davies

A Walk Around Kyushu 18

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