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Monday, October 28, 2013

Roof Gardens At Osaka Station City


The massive Osaka Station City in Umeda, Osaka, consists of multi-story North and South Buildings spanned by a huge roof.

Yarawagi-no-niwa Plaza (Healing Garden), Umeda
Yarawagi-no-niwa Plaza (Healing Garden), Umeda, Osaka
Both the North Gate and South Gate buildings have roof garden spaces, where visitors can relax and enjoy the views.

The taller North Gate Building has three roof garden spaces. The Yarawagi-no-niwa Plaza (Healing Garden) on the 10th floor includes a central water feature and gardens and is the most frequented.

Yarawagi-no-niwa Plaza (Healing Garden) , OSC
Yarawagi-no-niwa Plaza (Healing Garden) 
The Kaze-no-hiroba (Wind Plaza) is a smaller space up on the 11th Floor open 7am-midnight.

Tenku-no-noen is a small urban farm on the roof of the North Gate Building on the 14th Floor and is accessed by stairs from the 11th as part of an exercise course.

Tenku-no-noen, Osaka Station City

Tenku-no-noen is open 7am-9pm. One visiting friend mocked it as just a "few cabbages on the roof" and to be sure the over-riding impression of a visit to OSC is one of concrete and glass rather than flowers and grass.

Taiyo-no-hiroba (Sun Plaza), Umeda
Taiyo-no-hiroba (Sun Plaza)
The South Gate Building's roof garden is the Taiyo-no-hiroba (Sun Plaza) an open-plan roof garden on the 15th, 16th and 17th floors with more views over the city, wooden decking and benches. It looks as if it would be baking on a hot day in summer with little shade and not really that much greenery.

Kyoto Station pioneered the roof garden concept with its "Happy Terrace".

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