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Monday, September 23, 2013

Ryokan Yu Saiki Oita


Saiki, the small port town on the Bando River in southern Oita has none of the major chain hotels, and the few business hotels there are are clustered near the JR station in the far north of the town.

Ryokan Yu Saiki Oita Japan

I wanted somewhere to stay at the far south end of the town, near the castle, and where I would be starting my walk the next day. There is a large, fancy hotel there, but it was way above my price range, but then I found Yu Ryokan, right next to said hotel (the Hotel New Saiki), and near a branch of the river.

When I made my reservation by phone the landlady apologized several times for the fact that her establishment was very old, so when I went looking for it I was looking for something run down and so almost missed it. It is old when using the yardstick of the average age of buildings in Tokyo being a mere 18 years, but in reality is quite new.

Cherry blossom Saiki Oita

The tatami room was a decent size, and my futon was already laid out for me. In the room was a kettle and a TV, outside in the hallway a fridge and a microwave.

I paid 3,200 yen, sudomari, room only. There is a family restaurant and a convenience store nearby.

Ryokan Yu Saiki Oita
876-0844 大分県
Tel: 0972 23 8471

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