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Monday, September 30, 2013

Kasadera Kannon Temple


Kasadera Kannon, aka Ryufukuji, is a short walk from Moto Kasadera Station on the Meitetsu main line to Toyohashi.

Kasadera Kannon Temple, Nagoya

Kasadera Kannon is a Shingon sect temple dedicated to the Eleven-faced Kannon (juichimen kanzeon) and was founded by a priest named Zenko.

The noticeboard outside reads Kasadera Temple is one of four temples in the Owari (western Aichi) area dedicated to Kannon.

Kasadera has a lively Setsubun festival on February 3 and hosts a monthly flea market on the 18th of the month.

Kasadera Kannon Temple, Nagoya, Aichi

The temple and indeed the whole area have something of a run down feel, accentuated by the partial closure of the Miharashi-dai Museum, behind Kasadera.

A notice reads that the reconstructed Yayoi Period dwelling contained within the museum could collapse at any time. The excavated area of Yayoi remains, which is now a park, contains a couple of cherry trees dedicated to the memory of former local residents and celebrity centenarians Ginsan & Kinsan.

Kasadera Kannon Temple, Nagoya

Kasadera Kannon Temple
Tel: 052 821 1367

To get to Kasadera, take a Meitetsu Line local train from Nagoya Meitetsu Station, Kanayama or Horita to Moto Kasadera Station or a subway to Tsurusato on the Sakura-dori Line.

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