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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Karasawa Waterfall


Not far from Kiso Fukushima in Nagano Prefecture on the Nakasendo is the lovely Karasawa Waterfall (karasawa-no-taki).

Karasawa Waterfall, Kiso, Nagano

The 100m tall Karasawa Falls are at the base of the 1335m Jizo Pass for the hike over the mountain on the old Hida Kaido trail, which was used to transport herbs, medicines and salt over the mountains.

Karasawa Waterfall, Kiso, Nagano, Japan

The best way to access Karasawa Waterfall is to take a taxi from Kiso Fukushima Station - the fare will be around 3,500 yen. The nearest bus stop Watarai on Route 361 is still a fair distance away, about 4km or an hour on foot. Walk past the Nihongi-no-yu onsen (Tel: 0264 27 6150; closed Thursdays) from the bus stop.

Karasawa Waterfall, Kiso, Nagano, Japan

See the difference between May above and November below when the leaves begin to change color.

Karasawa Waterfall in autumn.

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