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Thursday, September 05, 2013

Feniks Taiko

Feniks Taiko is a taiko performance group based in Belgium, which grew out of the AraUmi Daiko taiko school founded by Grete Moortgat in 2002 with the intention to further international cooperation, understanding and tolerance through art.

Feniks Taiko

Grete spent three years in Tokyo where she began her study of taiko drumming.

Feniks Taiko has a lot of performance experience in Belgium and Europe, alone and together with other musicians, dancers, and taiko groups. they are currently preparing concerts with Kodo's Hanayui project.

Feniks Taiko in action

In June/July 2014, Feniks Taiko will be visiting Japan performing at Tokara's Saiwa Shimoina Festival on June 28th 2014.

They would love to perform at other Taiko festivals at this time. Please contact them if you wish them to perform.


You can find information about the group at www.fenikstaiko.be.

Feniks Taiko

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