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Friday, September 27, 2013

Autumn in Japan Ginkgo & Persimmon

Japan! I'm returning to the country in October and looking forward to immersing myself within the beauty of Japan's Autumn season.

Gingko tree in Japan

Here in the United States I am frequently asked, "Have you seen the cherry blossoms?" I have, and they are a beautiful, meditative sight, well-worth the viewing, an important rite of Spring. However, I must speak up for Autumn, which is equally as lovely. Think of falling yellow ginko leaves in the golden sunlight. Picture these leaves scattered over the sidewalks and streets, decorating the humble brick and stone.

Gingko Leaves

I can imagine the persimmon trees in the countryside, where they line streets, garden paths, and hills covered with orchards. Sometimes they seem to appear in the middle of nowhere. The rich orange fruit freely and graciously colors the landscape. Yes, it is quite picturesque.

Persimmon tree in Japan

Autumn always seems a little quieter than Spring, and the weather is pleasant. If you enjoy shopping, let me remind you it's 2014 calendar time in Japan. Choose several to give as gifts! And don't miss out on Autumn in Japan!

Autumn in Japan - persimmon tree

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