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Friday, August 16, 2013

Yui Rail Naha


Unlike the Japanese main islands of Hokkaido, Honshu, Kyushu and Shikoku, Okinawa has no rail network. Naha, the prefectural capital of Okinawa does have the Yui Rail (ゆいレール) a monorail system, which runs 13km through 15 stations from Naha Airport to Shuri, near Shuri Castle.

Yui Rail Naha Okinawa Ryukyu Japan

The Yui Rail opened in 2003 and the whole network can be ridden in less than 30 minutes. A single ticket costs 290 yen.
The elevated track is raised from 8 to 20 meters above ground with trains traveling at a top speed of 65 km per hour. The route will be expanded from Shuri Station to Uranishi by 2019.

Stations on the Yui rail route are: Naha-kuko, Akamine, Oroku, Onoyama-koen, Tsubogawa, Asahibashi, Kencho-mae, Miebashi, Makishi, Asato Omoromachi, Furujima, Shiritsu-byoin-mae, Gibo and Shuri.

Yui Rail Naha Okinawa Ryukyu Japan

Asahibashi Station and Makishi Station are the nearest stops to Kokusai Dori, Naha's main drag. Shuri is a 20 minute walk from Shuri Castle.

One-day (600 yen) and two-day passes (1000 yen) are available with discounts on admission to various attractions in Naha, including Shikinaen Garden, the Prefectural Museum, the Former Navy Underground Headquarters, Shuri Castle and the Tamaudun Mausoleum.

Yui Rail Naha Okinawa Ryukyu Japan

Naha is also served by an extensive bus network radiating out from Naha bus station at Asahibashi Station on Kokusai Dori. The flat fare is 220 yen.

Yui Rail
Naha Airport Station
Tel: 098 859 6601

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