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Thursday, August 01, 2013

Aomori Nebuta Festival 2013


The 2013 Aomori Nebuta matsuri takes place this year in Aomori from August 1 until August 7.

The festival eve starts at 6pm on August 1 and lasts until 9pm. There is a special stage at Aoi Umi Park and fireworks at Asamushi Spa.

Nebuta Festival

From August 2-6 are night time parades of the incredible illuminated floats from 7pm-9pm with the concluding day time parade on August 7 from 1-3pm. 20-30 floats participate according to the day.

The festival concludes with a boat parade in Aomori Bay when seven floats are loaded on to boats and a massive fireworks display from 7-9pm.

Nebuta Festival, Aomori, Tohoku

The nebuta floats are large wire frames (previously they were constructed from bamboo) covered with Japanese washi paper, which have been beautifully painted. The images depicted range from fierce samurai warriors, historical figures and sometimes more contemporary icons. The floats are illuminated from within by light bulbs which have replaced the previously used candles, which were a fire hazard.

Nebuta Festival, Aomori, Japan

Prizes are awarded to the best floats and onlookers are encouraged to purchase or hire a haneto costume and join in the chayashi dances.

Nebuta Festival Official Site

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