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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Japan News This Week 21 July 2013


Japan News. In Japan, Searching for Prized Sea Urchins

New York Times

Pioneering adult stem cell trial approved by Japan


Fukushima rainfall caused steam above reactor, says Tepco


Nearly 2,000 at Fukushima No. 1 face higher thyroid cancer risk

Japan Times

The Re-Branding of Abe Nationalism: Global Perspectives on Japan 安倍ナショナリズムの再ブランド化  グローバルな視点からの検討

Japan Focus

Hot summer for Japan and China disputes

Christian Science Monitor

Last Week's Japan News


Top Paid CEOs in Japan, 2012

1) Carlos Ghosn, Nissan; 96.800,000 yen (approximately $9.68 million)
2) Deborah Dunsire, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, 77,600,000
3) Frank Morich, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, 74,500,000
4) Tadataka Yamada, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, 71,200,000
5) Hiroshi Mitsuhara, Nihon Chouzai, 59,000,000
6) Yoshiharu Inaba, Fanuc Corporation, 59,000,000
7) Hajime Satomi, Sega-Sammy, 58,300,000
8) Keiichi Mori, Focus Systems, 48,000,000
9) Shunzo Mori, Shinetsu Chemical, 46,000,000
10) Masato Matsuura, Avex, 45,100,000

Source: Aera

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