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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Japan News This Week 30 June 2013


Japan News. Japanese Nuclear Regulator Announces an Overhaul of Safety Guidelines

New York Times

Japan's Mount Fuji 'set for Unesco listing'


Japanese TV faces language barrier


Poor English skills saved Japan’s bankers from subprime loan fiasco: Aso

Japan Times

Japan’s Client State (Zokkoku) Problem 日本の属国問題

Japan Focus

License revoked? Australia takes Japan to court to stop whaling hunts.

Christian Science Monitor

Last Week's Japan News


Of OECD countries, Japan once again is the low man on the totem pole of education spending. Japan spends the least as a percentage of GDP on education. A trip to any public school in Japan will make this clear. They are basically unheated low-end factories built for warehousing young people.

1) Denmark: 7.6%
2) Norway: 7.5%
3) Iceland: 7%
4) Belgium, Finland: 6.4%
6) Sweden: 6.3%
6) Ireland, New Zealand: 6%
9) Israel, Great Britain: 5.9%

20) Japan: 3.6%

Source: Asahi Shinbun

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