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Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Ganko Raamen in Sotokanda

がんこラーメン 外神田

Ganko Raamen in Suehirocho, Tokyo.

Raamen aficionados shouldn't miss Ganko Raamen, a raamen restaurant near Suehirocho subway station, just north of electrical and nerd town Akihabara. Ganko means "stubborn," and Ganko Raamen is so stubbornly particular about its product that if the raamen soup doesn't come out right, they won't open their doors that day!

Ganko Raamen's stubborness is reflected in its willfully stark exterior decor: black and white with the name of the restaurant in horror-movie-style font.

Most eye-catching, though, is the chain on which two huge beef bones hang in front of the door: a sign that Ganko Raamen is open!

Beef bones, Ganko Raamen, Suehirocho, Tokyo.

The hardcore-ness continues within. There are three rules posted on the door that all who dare to enter must obey:
1. Switch off your cell phone.
2. No endless chit-chat, playing with your food, or reading while you eat.
3. Eat your raamen while it's hot.

Needless to say, Ganko Raamen is worth every act of obedience!

Ganko Raamen
3-7-8 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Tel. 03-3253-1766 (but no reservations taken)

Ganko Raamen is about 120m from Exit 3 of Suehirocho Subway Station on the Ginza Line.

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