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Friday, June 21, 2013

Birth Life Sculpture

富田眞州 豊かなる明日へ

Tomita Masakuni is a Japanese sculptor born in 1951, and whose works in metal are typified by a strong Cubist influence.

Tomita Masakuni sculpture: To a Prosperous Tomorrow.

One prominent example of Tomita's work is on permanent display as street art in Tokyo's most prestigious business district of Marunouchi. This striking yet gentle bronze depicts a mother and child and is called "To a prosperous tomorrow" or "Yutaka na asu e."

  "To a prosperous tomorrow" was created in 1988 and occupies a spot on the sidewalk of the broad boulevard that goes through Marunouchi beside the Shin-Yurakucho Building.

In today's Japan, with the hopes of millions pinned to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's attempts to restimulate the Japanese economy, or "Abenomics" (not to mention numerous half-hearted measures over recent years by various administrations to address the problem of falling birthrates in Japan), a mother and child sculpture expressing hope for the morrow seems like the perfect symbol of the mood of the times.

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