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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Asahi Brewery Tour Nagoya

Nagoya has two large breweries that offer tours: the Kirin Beer Park in Biwajima and the Asahi Brewery in Shin Moriyama.

Asahi Brewery Nagoya, Aichi

Thirsty fans of Japanese beer are rewarded with an interesting tour of the facility in Japanese or English (twice a day) and then up to three free drinks in the bar area afterwards.

The tour explains the brewery and packaging process at the amazingly automated plant, with one of the few staff seen at work the official beer taster, whose job it is to test the quality of the day's brew.

Asahi Brewery Nagoya Aichi Japan

The Asahi Brewery is a short JR train journey from Nagoya Station (or Kanagawa or Tsurumai) to Shin Moriyama, then a 15 minute walk or taxi.

Reservations can be made for the popular tours online (below).

Nagoya Brewery
318, Nishikawahara-machi
Moriyama-ku, 463-0089
Tel: 052 792 8966

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