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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Tokyo Motorbike Fish Delivery

バイク 魚配達

Think Japan, think Tokyo. Think Japanese food, think fish. The streets of Tokyo told the full story in one brief scene I encountered just yesterday.

A motorscooter transporting fish on the streets of Tokyo.

I was cycling down Yasukuni-dori when one of the thousands of motorscooters that ply the streets of the metropolis pulled up beside me - a motorscooter with a  difference

Sticking out of a rucksack that had been thrown in the plastic basket strapped to the back of the motorbike was a pair of fishtails. For all the commonness of fish in Tokyo, this was the first time I'd seen fish so unceremoniously transported this way.

A pair of fish in the back of a Tokyo motorbike.

A closer look showed the name "Miyako" written in black marker on the side of the basket. Miyako ("Capital City") is a typical-sounding name for a Japanese restaurant. I can only surmise that the motorbike's rider had just been to the Tsukiji Fish Market, about four kilometers from where I encountered him, and was on his way to the restaurant with the fish for that day's lunch menu.

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