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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Japanese Hairdresser Names II

Here are a few more odd Japanese signs for your amusement. First up is a hair salon in Nagoya, Gentille Galle, which is not referring to the historic town on the south coast of Sri Lanka, but is aiming for that "Ye Olde Worlde" effect.

Japanese Hairdresser Names

The next one is, well, just nonsense: NAP hair bocco.

Japanese Hairdresser Names, Nagoya

As is this one: Hair Plop Lump pronounced "Prop Rump" which is equally bizarre.

Japanese Hairdresser Names, Nagoya

My favorite this month is not a hair salon but an office: Lietocourt. Surely lawyers.

Lietocourt sign

Previous Japlish found on our Japan blog includes ("I will not do the bag staff"; Grom does not employ conservatives), odd English on clothing, crazy Japanese band names, signs (Titty & CO), Live Space Pecker and Bar Dick & Fucky. Oh, and this was our first installment of weird and wonderful Japanese hair salon names.

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