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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Japan News This Week 19 May 2013


Japan News. Women Forced Into WWII Brothels Served Necessary Role, Osaka Mayor Says

New York Times

A Comfort Blanket? Japan Face Masks


Cannes film festival 2013: Like Father, Like Son - first look review


The main question: Why did Hashimoto open his mouth?

Japan Times

After Hiroshima 広島のあと

Japan Focus

Japan's 'secret' trip to North Korea disrupts united stance against Pyongyang

Christian Science Monitor

Last Week's Japan News


Passengers per day at major Tokyo train stations in fiscal 2011.

Shinjuku   1.46 million
Ikebukuro 1.08 million
Shibuya     800,000
Tokyo        760,000
Ueno         340,000

Source: Yomiuri Shinbun

Japan fell to 31st place in the the annual Save the Children State of the World's Mothers report. In the previous year Japan was 30th.

Of 176 countries surveyed, Finland was rated the best place in the world to be a mother, the Democratic Republic of the Congo the worst.

The index looks at statistics on the health of mothers and children and uses them to create rankings of nations within three groupings corresponding to different levels of economic development.

Source: Jiji Press

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  2. I also looked for an email address for you, and couldn't find one on your site.

    I'm going to Osaka in a few weeks and have been trying to find information about entering Onsen or Sento with a tattoo.

    The consensus seems to be that it's going to be difficult! :( The compromise seems to be a private bath...

    Can you recommend a good private onsen in Arima, or Kyoto, (or both), that is beautiful / traditional / open-air?


    My email is:johngmansell@gmail.com


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