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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Restored Tokyo Station by Night

東京駅 夜景

Restored Tokyo Station by night.

Tokyo Station is Tokyo's grandest railway station. The renovation of Tokyo Station was completed in 2012, and restored the more than century old transport hub of the metropolis to its former glory.

Since October 2012, that former glory has been further enhanced after sundown by illumination designed to bring out the station's old, revived beauty.

Tokyo Station by night is lit up using LED lights with adjustable computer-controlled color balance. The focus of the lighting is on six distinctive elements that make up Tokyo Station:
-the brick walls that in earthquake-prone Japan have become something of a rarity, and which the lighting brings out in their all their antique warmth (sturdily reinforced during the recent renovation using the latest structural technology!)
-the three main arches of Tokyo Station, each grand arch extending the full height of the the station's three stories.
-the tiled roof, in natural slate, that covers the 335 meter long station.
-the white granite pillars on the second and third floors that feature between the windows.
-the three domes, restored for the first time since their destruction in WWII, inset with round copper porthole-type windows.
 -the stately white windows that line the Tokyo station front.

Tokyo Station lit up at nighttime.

The night time spectacle that is Tokyo Station is thanks to the expertise of professional lighting designer Kaoru Mende, who is also responsible for the lighting design of Tokyo International Forum, Kyoto Station, Sendai Mediatheque and Roppongi Hills.

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