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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Premium Yebisu Joel Robuchon


It is always a pleasure to add to our series of reviews of Japanese beers. Today is the turn of Yebisu's Premium Yebisu Joel Robuchon.

Premium Yebisu Joel Robuchon beer

I must admit I was a bit disappointed with the slightly chemical first taste on opening the can but I had just spent two weeks drinking real ales in the UK, so I suppose that is normal.

As the beer settled in the glass it had a light pleasant taste and a lighter, thinner color than standard Japanese lagers. The beer is a tie up with renowned French chef Joel Robuchon and is produced with malt from France's Champagne region and New Zealand hops.

The ABV is the Japan standard 5%.

Joel Robuchon owns a number of restaurants in Japan, where the beer will be served. These include La Table de Joel Robuchon in Ebisu and a restaurant of the same name in Nagoya.

Premium Yebisu Joel Robuchon lager

We have previously reviewed craft beer in Japan, Sapporo Classic and Sapporo Kaitakushi.

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