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Friday, January 04, 2013

Taco Rice on Okinawa


Taco rice is a popular dish of Okinawa cuisine and taco rice restaurants can be found all over the main island.

Taco Rice on Okinawa, Japan

Main dishes in tacos restaurants on Okinawa include taco rice, which is ground beef with tomato, lettuce, grated cheese and salsa sauce on a bed of rice or the same ingredients rolled in a tortilla with a salsa dipping sauce.

The Tex-Mex dish reportedly dates from the 1960s and the US occupation and continued military presence on the island.

Tacos on Okinawa

Taco rice goes well with the local Orion beer and is a popular late night snack or family lunch. Kokusai Dori in Naha or Okinawa City are both good places to sample this delicious Okinawan food. Jango Jango (Tel 098 867 3046) in Makishi on Kokusai Dori is a well-established and atmospheric taco rice restaurant.

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Taco Rice
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