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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Bic Camera Nagoya


Bic Camera's giant store at Nagoya Station is on the south side of the station near the entrance to the Shinkansen tracks. The other side of Nagoya Station has the twin towers of the station building and the Midland Square and Gakuen Mode skyscrapers. Lucent Tower is a short stroll under the tracks to your left from Bic Camera.

Bic Camera Nagoya Station

As well as the usual electronics range: mobile phones, cameras, computers, tablets, TVs, DVD players etc, Bic Camera Nagoya also sells pharmaceuticals, beauty and health products, furnishings, pianos, toys, books, liquor, watches and bedding.

Bic Camera (in Japanese)
Nakamura-ku Tsubaki-cho 6-9
Tel: 052 459 1111
Hours: 10am-9pm

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1 comment:

  1. Not sure how recent that photo is ,but I took a similar one in 2008. Look to the right , green sign of the internet cafe "Rounge". Very comfortable rounge if I say so.


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