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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Japan News This Week 11 November 2012


Japan News. Nepal man cleared of Japan murder after 15 years in jail


Chinese Patrol Ships Pressuring Japan Over Islands

New York Times


Our Planet

Territorial dispute with China dents Nissan's profit forecasts


If bully Ishihara wants one last stand, bring it on

Japan Times



Darvish in Texas: haafu identity and athletic celebrity

Japan Focus

Despite Tensions, U.S. and Japan Begin a New Set of War Games

New York Times

Last Week's Japan News


Highest Income Tax Rates for Individuals (US dollar amount at which the rate kicks in)
France* 75% ($1,300,000)
Belgium 50% (50,800)
Britain 50% (240,900)
Australia 45% (192,000)
Germany 45% (363,200)
Italy 43% (108,700)
Japan 40% (223,000)
South Korea 35% (82,300)
United States 35% (379,150)
Spain 23.5% (253,000)
Source: LA Times

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