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Friday, November 09, 2012

Air Lawson

Ah, the flight from LAX in Los Angeles to Haneda Airport in Tokyo is a long one. When you disembark you must pass through a series of checkpoints prior to being set free in Japan. As you go through the big doors and begin walking, it isn't long before you see it, welcoming you to Japan: It's the Air Lawson, and somehow after that eleven-hour flight, we feel incredibly cheerful.

Air Lawson, Japan

First is the eye-catching display of Japanese candy and sweets, then the dazzling array of beverages. Why is Lawson infinitely more appealing than the convenience stores in California? I don't know, Lawson is just better. And my daughter would say it's because of Lawson's special extras - such as the recent Madoka Magica promotion she was able to share in.

Air Lawson

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