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Saturday, October 06, 2012

Tsurumai Line


The Tsurumai Line is one of the six main subway lines of the Nagoya subway system.

Nagoya Municipal Subway N3000 series train

The Tsurumai Line, which is marked blue on subway maps, extends 20.4km east to west from from Kami Otai (T01) in the north west of the city to Akaike (T20) in the east.

The Tsurumai Line is a real work horse of the Nagoya metro as it funnels commuters and shoppers in to central Nagoya from the large dormitory towns of Inuyama and Toyota.

Nagoya Municipal Subway N3000 series, Nagoya

The Tsurumai Line always seems to be packed, especially the last train to Toyota which usually holds a tribe of red-faced salarymen "fresh" from their evening's libations.

The Tsurumai Line continues from Akaike as the Meitetsu Toyota Line to Toyota. From Kami Otai the Tsurumai Line continues as the Meitetsu Inuyama Line to Inuyama.

Parts of the Tsurumai Line first opened in 1977. The main interchange stations on the Tsurumai Line are Fushimi (for Nagoya Station), Marunouchi, Kamimaezu (for Sakae), Gokiso and Yagoto.

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