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Friday, October 19, 2012

Hamamatsu Castle


Hamamatsu Castle, aka Shussei Castle, in Hamamatsu city in Shizuoka Prefecture is a reconstructed concrete castle dating from 1958.

Hamamatsu Castle, Japan

The original Hamamatsu Castle is related to the life and times of the warlord Ieyasu Tokugawa who moved his HQ from Okazaki Castle to Hamamatsu in 1570 and was based here for a further 17 years before moving to Sunpu Castle in what is now modern day Shizuoka city.

Hamamatsu Castle's grounds, which are now a park, contain a bronze statue of Ieyasu and are a favorite spot for hanami or cherry-blossom viewing. The 3-story reconstructed keep has a small museum packed with samurai armor and Tokugawa memorabilia.

Hamamatsu Castle, Shizuoka.

Motoshiro-cho 100-2
Shizuoka Prefecture

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