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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Japan News This Week 30 September 2012


Japan News.Tokyo's Governor Stokes The Island Feud With China


Japan and China trade barbs over islands at UN



Our Planet

South Korea tells Japan to confront its history

Japan Times

中国入选亚洲品牌500强数量超日本 三甲占两席


From “Black Rain” to “Fukushima”: The Urgency of Internal Exposure Studies

Japan Focus

Last Week's Japan News


Ten Asian Countries with the Most Ivory Seized, 1989-2011

1. China (90,000 pounds)
2. Thailand (47,000)
3. Hong Kong (45,000)
4. Taiwan (40,500)
5. Vietnam (29,600)
6. Philippines (23,500)
7. Japan (19,000)
8. Malaysia (18,800)
9. Singapore (17,700)
10. India (14,900)

Source: National Geographic

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