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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Lawson Plus


Of the major convenience store chains, Lawson seems the most innovative of the bunch as the company seeks to reach out more to women, particularly housewives and the elderly through its Lawson Plus, Lawson Natural and Lawson 100 stores. Housewives generally hold the purse strings and the elderly are increasing as a percentage of the population so it seems a sound business plan to target these groups.

Lawson Plus store

Lawson Plus is slightly different to a run-of-the-mill conbeeni in that it has wider aisles (for the elderly), more subdued colors and a seating area where people can sit and enjoy some of the snacks served inside. Thus Lawson Plus is a kind of mix between a convenience store and a cafe. There are around 750 Lawson Plus stores in Japan.

This branch of Lawson Plus is directly opposite Nishi-honganji Temple in Kyoto.

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