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Friday, May 11, 2012

Asakusabashi Home of Dolls


Step out of Asakusabashi Station on the JR Sobu line or the Asakusa subway line and you will see a number of shops selling traditional Japanese dolls and koinobori carp streamers.

Asakusabashi Doll Shop

People from all over Tokyo come to Asakusabashi to buy dolls for the annual Doll's Festival in March and Gogatsu Ningyo dolls displayed on Children's Day on May 5 - a throw back to the original Tango-no-Sekku later Boy's Festival festival in which a family celebrated the birth and growth of healthy, strong sons.

Gogatsu dolls (May Dolls) are figures in Japanese armor and helmets portraying various historical samurai and generals such as Kintaro (Sakata no Kintoki), a mythical Heian period warrior.

Asakusabashi, Tokyo

Asakusabashi is also known for wholesale shops selling jewelry and stationery.

If you are a fan of Japanese dolls make the short trip from Akihabara or Tokyo Station to pick up a souvenir. A short walk over the Sumida River will also bring you to the Sumo Town of Ryogoku and the Edo-Tokyo Museum.

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