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Friday, March 16, 2012

Fukushima 2011

Denmark-based, Japanese artist Yoshiki Nakahara had his painting "Fukushima 2011" on display at the Japanese Embassy in Copenhagen to commemorate the tragic events of March 11, 2011 when a devastating earthquake and tsunami struck the north east coast of Japan.

Fukushima 2011 painting

The huge quake and subsequent tidal wave caused a meltdown in the reactors at the Fukushima nuclear plant that have yet to be brought under full control.

The memorial event on March 12 was attended by H.R.H Crown Price Frederik of Denmark, Her Highness Princess Elisabeth, H.E. Mr. Lars Løkke Rasmussen, former Prime Minister and H.E. Mr. Martin Lidegaad, Minister for Climate, Energy and Buildings.

The painting of the Fukushima reactors measures 4 x 1 meters and was painted during the period from April-October 2011.

Fukushima 2011 Exhibition

The painting shows a picture of the Tohoku earthquake and the following tsunami in Japan that occurred on March 11, 2011. Viewing the painting you can see a wrecked ship through a transparent blue sphere (the tsunami).

Viewing the painting you will feel the great silence, which followed the huge storm (tsunami).

The motive finds itself in an abstract play of colors, consisting of traditional, Japanese colors such as peach and cherry blossom.

As a counterpart, threatening dark violet spots occur on the canvas, symbolizing the radioactivity, which was a horrifying consequence of the catastrophe. The tough motive as well as the strong colors will help to show a strong and resurgent Japan rising from the disaster.

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