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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Tokyo Sky Tree Nearing Completion


The Tokyo Sky Tree, Japan's tallest tower at 634 meters, has been under construction since July 2008.

Tokyo Sky Tree construction

The Sky Tree is due to be completed in December of this year. JapanVisitor paid a visit to the SkyTree in April last year, when it was about two-thirds completed. At that time, the area of Oshiage in Tokyo where the SkyTree is located was still a poor, drab, uninspiring neighborhood totally lacking in charm, convenience, or anything else.

This weekend, we paid the SkyTree another visit, now that it is virtually complete, and due to be finalized in two months from now, and officially open in April of 2012, next year.

While Oshiage is still not the kind of place you'd want to visit for any other reason than to see the SkyTree up close, it was quite surprising how in just 18 months the neighborhood has been improved.

Tokyo Sky Tree

There was a cafe here and there, a shop selling SkyTree t-shirts, convenience stores, and, overall, a brighter, cleaner look than before. And right in front of the SkyTree, just across the canal that runs in front of it, there was something of a buzz going on in the form of "Oshinari-kun," a generically cute mascot figure that is the inevitable accompaniment of anything potentially profitable in Japan.

Also, Oshiage subway station itself has been given a brand new entrance in addition to its original bunker-like one, including an elevator.

If the uncompleted Sky Tree has breathed this much life into Oshiage, its long anticipated completion will transform the area.

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Tokyo Sky Tree Nearing Completion

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