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Sunday, November 06, 2011

Japan News This Week 6 November 2011


Japan News.Monkeys work in Japanese restaurant


Japan Revives a Sea Barrier That Failed to Hold

New York Times

The Japanese engineer calling for a life without electricity


DeNA buys BayStars, awaits OK to add its name to team's

Japan Times

La reacción nuclear en Fukushima continúa ocho meses después

El Pais

Beau, bon, un peu bio... le « bento », boîte à manger japonaise

Rue 89



Gender, Equity and the Japanese Welfare System

Japan Focus

Japan to send government staff to game in NKorea

Yahoo Sports

Last Week's News


Overall Poverty Rate

Iceland: 6.4%
Canada: 12%
New Zealand: 11%
Britan: 11%
Japan: 157%
USA: 17.3%

Source: Bertelsmann Stifung

The Global Gender Gap 2011 Rankings: Influence women wield over the political process, by country (1=total equality)

1. Iceland 0.846
2. Norway 0.8404
3. Finland 0.8260
4. Sweden 0.8024
5. New Zealand 0.7808
6. Ireland 0.7773
7. Denmark 0.7719
8. Lesotho 0.7678
9. Philippines 0.7654
10. Switzerland 0.7562

17. USA 0.7411

94. Japan 0.6524

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