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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hamamatsucho Station Tokyo


Hamamatsucho Station in Tokyo is a busy station on the Yamanote Line and the Keihin-Tohoku Line, which runs from Yokohama to Omiya in Saitama via Urawa, Nippori, Ueno, Shinagawa and Kawasaki.

Hamamatsu Station is also one terminus of the Tokyo Monorail to Haneda Airport. The entrance to the Tokyo Monorail is in a separate building just outside the JR station. The JR station building includes a number of shops as well as coin lockers. There is also a bus station at Hamamatsucho with km Flower buses to Tokyo Big Sight (40 minutes). The World Trade Center is also very close to Hamamatsucho Station.

Hamamatsucho Station Tokyo

Hamamatsu Station is relatively old in Tokyo station terms having opened in 1909. Throughout the station there are motifs of the Manneken Pis, the famous Brussels landmark. On one of the platforms is a fully operating miniature statue of Manneken Pis, which like the original changes his clothing throughout the year.

Hamamatsucho Station Tokyo

Coin lockers at Kyoto Station

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  1. Hello,

    Do you know how big the lockers are and how much it cost to use a locker at Hamamatsucho Station? I just want to drop off my luggage, then use the Oedo line to go straight to Tsukiji market upon arrival at Haneda Airport.


    Dang Nguyen.

  2. I believe there are different sizes. 600 yen is the most expensive taking 100 or 500 yen coins. Unless you have a super huge suitcase it should fit. The problem is if there are any vacant. You might have to wait a bit.


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