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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Shibuya Show-Offs


Shibuya is one of Tokyo's youth districts, and definitely the most commercial of the city's centers of youth culture.

Shibuya is very much a place to be seen. The biggest concentration of people there to be seen are no doubt in Yoyogi Park, about a kilometer north of Shibuya station. However, the trendy streets of Shibuya around the station have no shortage of people trying to attract attention.

Walking the streets of Shibuya on the weekend, I came across two people remarkable for their attachment to creatures we humans don't usually get intimate with.

Shibuya Show-Offs

The first was a "pigeon man," seen here placidly feeding them as they hungrily clamber over him, (hopefully repaying his kindness with a little continence).

Shibuya Show-Offs

Then minutes later, I encountered an equally strange sight, the owner of a turtle, who had brought his pet along apparently just to let people (especially school girls!) gawk and ply him with questions.
"How old is it?"
"10 years."
"How heavy is it?"
"21 kilograms."

It reminded me of another surreal scene involving a pet turtle that I saw near the Four Seasons Hotel in Tokyo's Bunkyo ward three years ago.

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