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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Nagoya Noh Theater


Nagoya Noh Theater is located close to the main entrance to Nagoya Castle. The impressive, modern hall was completed in 1997 and houses a 630-seat theater with a traditional Noh stage made from hinoki (Japanese cypress) wood cut from the nearby Kiso area in Gifu Prefecture. This stage is the largest Noh stage in Japan.

Nagoya Noh Theater, Nagoya-jo

The audience can better understand what is going on onstage by using specially-supplied wireless headsets.

Nagoya Noh Theater also has a restaurant/cafe and a small, permanent museum dedicated to Japanese Noh drama.

Nagoya Noh Theater
1-1-1 Sannomaru
Tel: 052 231 0088

Sengen-cho Station on the Tsurumai Line is the nearest subway station.

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