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Friday, September 02, 2011


Kumon is an education phenomenon with over 26,000 Kumon schools in Japan and over 40 other countries including the USA, UK, South Korea, Brazil, China and Mexico.

The first Kumon opened its doors in Osaka in 1956 and was the brainchild of founder Toru Kumon (1914-1995), a local high school mathematics teacher who developed his own educational method to teach his son math.

Kumon juku

Kumon has developed its own stepped curriculum for teaching reading and math and the students progress at their own pace helped by tutors, rather than learn in the classical classroom environment.

With an enrollment of over 4 million students worldwide, Kumon is a massive franchise generating millions of dollars annually. The Kumon business is headed by the founder's wife.

Kumon Cram School in Naha Okinawa

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