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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Japan News This Week 31 July 2011


Japan News.Japanese, in Shortage, Willingly Ration Watts

New York Times

Japan - Earthquake and Tsunami - Episode 3


2011: the year of the news overload


Utility says NISA sought 'plants' to talk up MOX bid

Japan Times

Living and loving The Alien from Nagoya

Japan Times

Rebajas en la Nintendo 3DS

El Pais



Speaking as an Unrealistic Dreamer

Japan Focus

Japan stunned by death of Irabu

Yahoo Sports

Last Week's News


Per Capita Electricty Consumption, 2009

1. Iceland 31,147.292 kWh
2. Norway 27,731.982 kWh
3. Finland 16,635.686 kWh
4. Canada 16,055.638 kWh
5. Kuwait 16,048.315 kWh
6. Qatar 15,133.996 kWh
7. Sweden 14,893.001 kWh
8. UAE 14,846.948 kWh
9. Bahrain 14,254.001 kWh
10.Luxembourg 13,587.466 kWh
11. USA 12,747.485 kWh

23. Japan 7,701.962 kWh

46. UK 5,689.724 kWh

Source: NationMaster.com

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