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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Japan News This Week 10 July 2011


Japan News.A Governor’s Power to Shape the Future of a Nuclear Japan

New York Times

Suzuki’s Kei Cars, Running Mild in New Jersey

New York Times

Japan Prime Minister Naoto Kan sorry for nuclear mix-up


A dying art? Work dries up for painters of Tokyo bath-house murals


Hawker's father urges harshest punishment

Japan Times

Adiós al MiniDisc Walkman

El Pais

Des artistes nippons se rebellent contre le Japon post-Fukushima




Suicide Prevention Needs to Be a Top Japanese National Priority

Japan Focus

Japan says Tokyo might drop 2020 bid

Yahoo Sports

Last Week's News


Total energy consumption per capita per annum (2003) [kgoe/a], by country:

Brazil: 1067.6
China: 1138.3
Denmark: 3832.8
Germany: 4203.1
Japan: 4040.4
Sudan: 475.9
United Arab Emirates: 10538.7
USA: 7794.8

Source: World Resources Institute

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