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Thursday, June 09, 2011

Osaka Station Renovations

Osaka Station.大阪駅開業

Osaka's gateway train station recently "opened" on May 4th, showing off major renovations.

Following seven years of construction work, the new station building opened for business on May 4th.

The north side of Osaka Station has been developed into a shopping area. Mitsukoshi-Isetan department store and LUCUA (shopping center) are now on the north side.

On the south side, the Daimaru department store has expanded its floor space.

The main difference that visitors will notice though is the new and quite dramatic roof.

Plans were to create a European style train terminal, with a high rood and open atmosphere.

The roof does that; however, the old, rusty rooves on each platform have yet to be removed. The reason for that is due to a large and unforeseen mistake.

The original concept was to take out the old, unattractive rooves once the large above-head roof was in place. However, wind blows in rain at an angle - and if the old rooves were removed, passengers on the platforms would get wet.

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