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Monday, May 23, 2011

Kyoto Station Happy Terrace


Ride the escalators up to the 15th floor of Kyoto Station to enjoy the Happy Terrace, a roof garden with excellent views of Kyoto city stretched out below you.

Kyoto Station Happy Terrace

The name in Japanese is a play on words with the "Ha" of happy being the kanji for leaf.

Happy Terrace, Kyoto Station

The 10th floor of Hiroshi Hara's giant edifice is dedicated solely to ramen restaurants so if you have a yearning for noodles on your way up or down to Happy Terrace, your needs are easily fulfilled.

Happy Terrace, Kyoto Station

If it is a fine day, you can wait for your train in a relaxing urban garden and take in the huge scale of Kyoto Station by looking down the escalators you have ridden to the top.

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