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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Kazuyoshi Saito Anti-Nuke Song

斉藤和義 ずっとウソだった

We found this song on youtube by Japanese singer Kazuyoshi Saito.

Here are the lyrics in Japanese and English translation (thanks to Mina!)

この国をあるけば、げんぱつが54き If you walk in this country, there are 54 nuclear power plants

きょうかしょもCMもいってたよ”あんぜんです” Textbooks and commercials said, It is ”Safe”

おれたちをだまして、いいわけは”そうていがい” They deceived us and the excuse is “unexpected”

なつかしいあのそら、くすぐったいくろい雨   I miss that sky, tickling black rain

ずっとウソだったんだぜ   They have always lied to us

やっぱ ばれてしまったな   It was revealed, as I thought

ほんとウソだったんだぜ  It was really a lie.

げんしりょくは あんぜんです  Nuclear Power is “Safe”!

ずっとウソだったんだぜ  They have always lied to us

ホウレンソウ、くいたいな  I want to eat spinach.

ほんとウソだったんだぜ  It was really a lie

きづいてたろ このじたい  You have known this circumstance

かぜにまうほうしゃのうは もう止められない We cannot stop the radiation blowing in wind

なんにんがひばくすれば きづいてくれるの  How many people should be exposed to radiation until you notice?

この国のせいふ  The government in this country

このまちをはなれて うまい水みつけたかい  When you left this town, did you find tasty water?

おしえてよ やっぱいいや  Tell me, well no thanks.

もうどこにも にげばはない  There is nowhere to run away.


とうでん、ほくでん、ちゅうでん、きゅうでん  Tokyo denryoku, hokkaidou denryoku, Chuubu denryoku, Kyushu denryoku

もうゆめばかり見ないで  Stop dreaming any more

ずっとクソだったんだぜ  It has always been “shit” 

それでもつづけるきだ  They still want to continue the plan

ほんとクソだったんだぜ  It was really “shit”

何かがしたいこのきもち  this feeling I want to do something about it



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