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Sunday, April 03, 2011

Japan News This Week 3 April 2011


Japan News.Vanishing act by Japanese executive during nuclear crisis raises questions

Washington Post

Japan nuclear evacuation will be 'long term'

Al Jazeera

Japan tsunami: Military begins search for bodies


Nuclear radiation seeps into Japanese groundwater


Iodine-131 found in groundwater

Japan Times

Japón y EE UU despliegan 24.000 soldados para buscar a los desaparecidos

El Pais



Japan Quake Shakes TV: The Media Response to Catastrophe

Japan Focus

Ishikawa to give 2011 earnings to Japan victims

Yahoo Sports

Last Week's News


Poll results for "electrical appliance that made the biggest difference in your life" (year it debuted):

1. Electric range (1959)
2. Air conditioner (1935)
3. Electric refrigerator (1960s)
4. Toilet with warm water spray function (1967)
5. Washing machine (1956)

Source: Yomiuri Shinbun

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