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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Japan News This Week 24 April 2011


Japan News.Japanese Revisit Nuclear Zone While They Can

New York Times

Japan Takes Lead in Nuclear-Plant PR

Wall Street Journal

Japan government announces disaster relief budget


Fukushima evacuees face arrest if they return home


Yahoo Japan profit up 14th year

Japan Times

Toyota anuncia que su producción seguirá afectada por el terremoto hasta noviembre

El Pais



The Atomic Bomb and "Peaceful Use of Nuclear Energy"

Japan Focus

Japan will play in Copa despite player shortage

Yahoo Sports

Last Week's News


Poll of Japanese: "During Golden Week, which 'Small Kyoto' would you most like to visit?"

1. Kanazawa
2. Tsuwanocho
3. the former Kakunodatemachi (now called Senboku)
4. Hagi
5. Takayama

'Small Kyoto' refers to one of many smaller towns and cities around Japan that have preserved many older buildings.

Source: Asahi Shinbun

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