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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Egg Magazine


Egg Magazine is a bible of sorts for a sub-culture - cult? - of Japanese women in their mid- and late-teens.

Published once a month, it reports from the front lines of Gyaru fashion, or women’s street fashion, most of which can be found in Shibuya.

Gyaru style is an odd mix of uber-cute and sly slut. Think of the virgin Lolita but on the pill and in a mini-skirt.

The look itself changes and has variations, but to generalize:

1. hair or wigs that are dyed blonde
2. bold makeup
3. serious nail art
4. mini-skirts

Sub-genres include:

Ganguro – girls with freaky dark dark brown tans and dyed blonde hair.
Manba – same tan as a Ganguro but with white makeup. Avoid at night.
Bibinba – girls who sport serious gold and jewelry. Lots of bling.
Banba – girls who favor a bizarre combination of stilettos and slippers, wear glitter, false eyelashes, colored contact lenses, and thick makeup.

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